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An Office with a 360 ° Vision

For four generations, professionals at the Candido de Oliveira Advogados Law Firm provide legal advice to individuals and companies, located in Brazil or abroad. The firm's long tradition demonstrates the credibility and trust placed by our clients.

About usCandido de Oliveira Advogados

With extensive experience in the field of law, our office aims at effectiveness and transparency to solve the most diverse problems of our clients.

Our professionals pack the spirit of the capacity to transform experiences, projecting advocacy for the new challenges we face in an increasingly globalized society that needs agile, uncomplicated solutions and with the use of technology.


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How Can We Help?Defining Success Together

By conducting various internal investigative activities and implementing risk management assessments, our approach saves time and money for our clients in the long run and ensures efficient conflict resolution.


Legal support of recognition in the market and by customers.

ECONOMICSTrade and Markets

Business implications and great customer service are important.

TRUSTSpecialized Legal Support

We legally advise many companies and individuals in negotiations and problem-solving.


Including notices of copyright infringement and civil law suits.

SOLUTIONSLegal Practice

Traditionally recognized, we work on resolving and preventing disputes for our clients.


Our professionals are able to assist in the organization of companies and the formulation of compliance policies, in order to prevent the emergence of corruption or unethical policies.


We provide quality legal assistance in the elaboration of strategies, employing efficient methods capable of resolving disputes for our clients.